Cruiser - First Commission 15 April 1935 - August 1937 (arrived Portsmouth 29 July 1937)

The whole of the First Commission is recorded in a book called"Grippo" - The Voyage of Ajax 1935~37 A Record of the First Commission of H.M.S. Ajax, April 1935 - August 1937, on the Mediterranean and America and West Indies Stations.
Grippo was a shibboteth (password) of the Ajax and refers to getting a free meal or similar ashore.

The book can be viewed at the following links:

193 Synopsis of First Commission

Synopsis of First Commission

061 Autumn Cruise 1936
131 Spring cruise, 1937
ajax crest 1

Images from the First Commission

001 launch of Ajax at Barrow

Launch of Ajax at Barrow - 1st March 1934

002 Ajax at barrow

Ajax at Barrow

003 goodbye portsmounth

Leaving Portsmouth on 11th June 1935 having been Commissioned 15th April 1935

188 Coronation Day at Trinidad

Coronation Day King George VI
Trinidad - 12th May 1937