The sixth HMS Ajax was a King George V-class battleship built at Greenock on the River Clyde. She was launched on 21 March 1912 and commissioned 31 October 1913 The guns fired a shell weighing 1,400 pounds, and the maximum rate of fire was two rounds per gun per minute 23,400 tons; length 598ft; beam 89ft. Armament: 10x 13.5” and 16x 4” guns + 3x 21” torpedo tubes. Armour up to 12” thick. 4 steam turbine engines producing 31,000hp. Complement of 900 men. 3100 tons coal & 840 tons oil gave a maximum range of 6310 nm. 31 May 1916 Battle honours at Battle of Jutland. Broken up December 1926 at Rosyth.


HMS Ajax 1923
Ajax Captain with Sultan of Turkey and son Prince Mehmid.
C.P.O. Trimmer Hulance is on the right and is the great uncle of the Association's Archivist.