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HMS Ajax Frigate F114

“White Tornado”

Builder: Cammell Laird - Birkenhead
Laid Down: 12th October 1959. Originally laid down as a Rothesay Class frigate to be called HMS Fowey but instead became part of the first Batch of Leander Class frigates and named HMS Ajax 14th March 1960.
Launched: 16th August 1962 by Mrs Dreyer, later Lady Dreyer, (Second wife of Admiral Sir Desmond Parry Dreyer GCB CBE DSC who was Lieutenant Commander on HMS Ajax Cruiser at the Battle of the River Plate and a former member of the HMS Ajax and River Plate Veterans Association)
Commissioned: 10th December 1963

Complement: 251 as built; 255 as an Escort Leader; 257 after Ikara refit
Displacement: 2450 tons standard, 2860 tons max
Dimensions: Length 372 feet overall
  Beam 40 feet 6 inches
  Draught 17 feet 6 inches

Main guns: As built: 2 x Vickers 4.5" in Mk6 turret (1 x 2)
  Refitted: 2 x 40mm (2x1)
Secondary guns: As built: 2 x 40mm (2x1)
Refitted: None
Other weapons: As built: ASW: 1 x MklO Limbo AS mortar
  Refitted: ASW: 1 x Mkl 0 Limbo AS mortar/1 x Ikara AS rocket
  SAM: 8 x GWS22 SeaCat (2 x 4)
Countermeasures: Type 182 towed decoy/Corvus decoy launchers
Aircraft: 1 x Westland Wasp
Radar: As built: Type 903 tracking/Type 965 surveillance/Type 993 search/Type 978 navigation
  Refitted: Type 903 tracking/Type 993 search/Type 978 navigation
Sonar: Type 177 attack / Type 170B attack / Type 162 bottomed target / Type 199 VDS
Other: As built: N/A
  Refitted: ADAWS5 Ikara fire control/GWS22 SeaCat fire control
  Cossor 1010 IFF interrogator/SCOT communications
Engines: 2 x Babcock & Wilcox 550psi boilers
  2 x English Electric steam turbines
Power output: 30,000 shp
Speed: 30 knots
Shafts: 2
Range: 5300NM at 12 knots
Fuel: 460 tons of oil

Frigate 7
Frigate 8 Ikara

HMS Ajax 1971 Refitted with Ikara Weapon For'd.

Ships Magazines

First Commission
1963 - 1965

Second Commission
1965 - 1966