"Nec Quisquam Nisi Ajax"

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40th ANNIVERSARY of the visit of HMS AJAX to the TOWN of AJAX, ONTARIO August 2016

Trip report can be found HERE

A spreadsheet with over 4500 names honouring veterans who served at The Battle of the River Plate in HMS’ Ajax, Achilles or Exeter, those who served in HMS Ajax during WW11 and those who were part of the 8th HMS Ajax Frigate crew when it visited Lake Ontario in 1976, along with pictures can be found HERE

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2016 REUNION 1st October 2016

Details & Booking Form available HERE

D-Day Landings June 6th 1944

D-Day Anniversary HERE


75th Anniversary of the Battle for Crete

A report of the action for Crete by Associate Member Clive Sharplin can be found HERE


The 31st May 2016 saw the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Jutland when a huge fleet of British and German warships engaged in the North Sea off the Jutland Peninsula creating the largest naval battle in history. 150 British warships took on 99 German ones and although Britain lost more ships (14 and over 6000 lives lost) compared to Germany (9 ships and 2500 lost) the German fleet was never again to be in a position to put to sea and challenge the British Navy in the North Sea.
One of those warships was the sixth HMS Ajax, a King George V Class Battleship launched in 1913 and decommissioned in 1924, and for the part she played received Battle Honours.


www.hmsajaxatcrete.com.au is a website developed by one of our members and covers Ajax's time in The Mediterranean, particularly The Battle for Crete in May 1941.

Battle of Cape Matapan - 75th Anniversary Article by Clive Sharplin

2016 Association events:
NMA Memorial and lunch
Visit to Ajax Ontario
Reunion at Portsmouth

2015 Reunion Report and photos

75th Anniversary Luncheon Report & Photos

2014 Visit to Ajax Ontario Report

Dedication & Unveiling of The Battle of the River Plate Memorial took place at the National Memorial Arboretum Report


HMS Ajax in action D Day

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