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Training Barge - HMS Ajax

The 9th 'ship' to carry the name Ajax was a barge. HMS Ajax was used by the Royal Navy at Jupiter Point, on the Lynher River, Plymouth, for seamanship training by HMS Raleigh.


It was ex Admiralty Barge 851(F), 150ft long and built by Ailsa Shipbuilding, Troon in 1956.  


The former 150ft Avcat lighter was fitted with a classroom and had booms, ladders, anchor gear, RAS equipment, a crane and a full set of towing gear.


New entry recruits used the training barge to gain practical seamanship experience before going to sea for the first time.


It was named Ajax in 1987 to perpetuate the name. She was replaced by Hunt Class HMS Brecon in 2008 and was bought for conversion into a houseboat at Shoreham.

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