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This site is for veterans who served in any of the ships carrying the HMS Ajax name or fought at the Battle of the River Plate (HMS Ajax, Exeter and Achilles) and relatives and friends of any crew members. It is also intended to be a repository of archive material relating to the various Ajax to allow those interested in history, or trying to glean more information about those who served upon these ships, to further research.

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H.M.S. Ajax


Cruiser Badge

H.M.S. Ajax


Frigate Badge

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"Nec Quisquam Nisi Ajax"


DSC06236 Ajax at D Day

HMS Ajax in action D Day

LINK is a website developed by one of our members and covers Ajax's time in The Mediterranean, particularly The Battle for Crete in May 1941.


The HMS Ajax & River Plate Veteran's Association has a close relationship with the HMS Exeter River Plate Veterans and Families Association and should you wish to contact the Secretary, Liz Broughton, please complete the Contact Us form

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30th September 2017 Saturday 0038 Badge new


The Association has designed a new badge incorporating both the Cruiser pentagonal badge and the Frigate round badge intended for general use.


The Chairman Nigel Masters said, "the new badge reflects the continued close association between the cruiser and frigate members whilst still retaining the identities of the two great ships"


Association items with this badge will be available soon.


Limited items promoting HMS Ajax and the Association will be available in the on-line shop here

The facility is being developed and if there should be any items not there please contact us

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VETERAN OF THE RIVER PLATE CELEBRATES HIS 100th BIRTHDAY {UPDATE - sadly Frank Crossed the Bar on 26th December 2018 and his funeral was held on 22nd January 2019 in Cambridge}

HMS Ajax Battle of the River Plate Veteran Frank Burton reached his one hundredth birthday on Tuesday 4th September 2018 and celebrated with a party at his Cambridge Care Home surrounded by family, care staff, friends and HMS Ajax and River Plate Veterans Association members including another River Plate veteran, Basil Trott (HMS Exeter) who will be 99 later this year.


Malcolm Collis of the HMS Ajax and River Plate Association presented Frank with an inscribed shield with HMS Ajax cruiser badge to mark this momentous occasion.

Back copies available HERE

2018 Reunion and Memorial service - Plymouth 5th to 8th October

report can be found here

Details of planned 2019 events can be found here

Newsletter March 2019