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D-Day 70th Anniversary

We should not forget the part HMS Ajax and her crew played in the D-Day landings. She left the Clyde on 4th June and by the 6th she was off Gold Beach, Normandy coast, ready for the D-Day assault. Ajax was the first ship to open fire on D-Day and within eight minutes had destroyed her first target, a battery of 5.9 inch guns at Longues, at a range of 12,000 yards – she fired 114 six inch shells with direct hits through two of the 5.9 inch gun ports of the three guns. She returned to Portsmouth on the 9th.
One of our Association members, Richard Llewellyn, was featured in the BBC 1 series of programmes D-Day 70 Heroes Remembered in which he gives a wonderful account of his experiences on that day from the diary he kept. The programme, Episode 2, was screened on 3rd June at 9.15 a.m. and can be viewed through BBC iPlayer

June 2014

Members of the Association will be visiting Ajax Ontario on 10th June for one week having been invited by the Mayor for an official visit as part of the 75th Anniversary events

April 2014 (see also River Plate 75th Anniversary Page)
After delays the memorial stone finally arrived from India and the stonemasons, HL Perfitt from Norfolk, have completed all the considerable work and all is ready for the unveiling and dedication at the National Memorial Arboretum on Saturday 12th April 2014

Memorial apr14

12th April 2014

MEMORIAL DAY - National Memorial Arboretum

I had high expectations for the day but I must say when Commodore Harwood's Broad Pennant, the actual one flown at The Battle from his Flag Ship HMS Ajax, was unveiled from the memorial by the 4 survivors able to make it: John Garrard & Ted Wicks, both Ajax, and Jim London & Basil Trott, both HMS Exeter, those expectations were far exceeded. The whole day was perfect and truly enjoyed by all who were present.
Malcolm Collis

Several TV clips can be found on the internet for example:

(Courtesy of ITV Central News)

A full report will be made in due course and the official photographs will be uploaded

Interview of John Garrard

HMS Ajax in action D Day

Ajax at D Day

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Malcolm Collis
H.M.S. Ajax and River Plate Veterans Association