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This site is for veterans who served in any of the ships carrying the HMS Ajax name or fought at the Battle of the River Plate (HMS Ajax, Exeter and Achilles) and relatives and friends of any crew members. It is also intended to be a repository of archive material relating to the various Ajax to allow those interested in history, or trying to glean more information about those who served upon these ships, to further research.

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H.M.S. Ajax


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"Nec Quisquam Nisi Ajax"


DSC06236 Ajax at D Day

HMS Ajax in action D Day

LINK is a website developed by one of our members and covers Ajax's time in The Mediterranean, particularly The Battle for Crete in May 1941.


The HMS Ajax & River Plate Veteran's Association has a close relationship with the HMS Exeter River Plate Veterans and Families Association and should you wish to contact the Secretary, Liz Broughton, please complete the Contact Us form

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2019 trip to South America

The Association is planning a trip to Uruquay, Argentina & Chile in December 2019 to coincide with the 80th anniversary of the Battle of the River Plate that took place off Uruguay and the Chilean earthquake earlier in 1939.



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Ambassador of Chile Presents Medals to Two HMS Ajax & River Plate Veterans Association Members

On Friday 17th March 2017 His Excellency Rolando Drago visited Cambridge and presented medals to two Cambridge veterans for the part they played in the rescue operation in a devastating earthquake that hit the Chillan and Concepcion region of Chile on 24th January 1939.


The two, Frank Burton HMS Ajax aged 98 and Basil Trott HMS Exeter aged 97 were part of the Royal Navy’s South American Division commanded by Commodore, later Admiral, Henry Harwood, sailing up the coast of Chile...



Media link

Frank Burton Basil Trott Exeter2

Frank Burton         Basil Trott




The lack of any available official crew list for HMS Ajax Frigate F114 when she visited Ajax in Canada in August 1976 has frustrated The Town of Ajax's endeavours to compile a definitive list for the Memorial Wall. The Wall contains over 4500 names honouring veterans who served at The Battle of the River Plate in HMS’ Ajax, Achilles or Exeter, those who served in HMS Ajax during WW11 and those who were part of the 8th HMS Ajax Frigate crew when it visited Lake Ontario in 1976. It was unveiled when the HMS Ajax and River Plate Veterans Association visited Ajax for the 40th Anniversary of that visit (report and photos here) but the list for the 1976 crew was some way short of the 257 crew. Despite their best efforts to update that list to enable a one-off Wall amendment they are still about 50 short.

The latest list can be found HERE – if you were part of the crew you can make sure you don’t miss out in having your name displayed in perpetuity on the Wall by checking this list. Also check to make sure your mates are there too.

If you or your fellow crewmates have missed out and haven't already updated the Town you can rectify any omissions or errors by emailing the following person

30th September 2017 Saturday 0038 30th September 2017 Saturday 0054


Held over the weekend of 29th September to 2nd October 2017 at the Tillington Hall Hotel, Stafford with Memorial Service round our Battle of the River Plate Memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum. A report and selection of photos can be found HERE

The Battle of Jutland Project

The Battle of Jutland was a naval encounter between the Royal Navy's Grand Fleet under Admiral Sir John Jellicoe and the Imperial German Navy's High Seas Fleet under Vice-Admiral Reinhard Scheer on 31st May to 1st June 1916.  


The sixth HMS Ajax was a King George V class battleship, launched in 1912 and completed in March 1913. At the Battle of Jutland she was in the first Division of the Second Battle Squadron and reportedly sighted the leading ships of the German High Seas Fleet.


A small group of volunteers are endeavouring to re-create the crew lists of all of those at the Battle of Jutland on the 151 Royal Navy ships.

A sailor is only confirmed to have been at the battle when his service records or other sources are checked and it is identified that he was on a 'Jutland Ship' over the period 31st May to 1st June 1916.


The Imperial War Museum 'Lives of the First World War (LOTFWW)' project is being used to gather the confirmed information into one place. Each ship has its own 'Ship Community' that can be viewed via the website together with full details on how the project is managed.


If you would like help in locating someone that you believe might have been present at the battle then please email or alternatively use the search facility on the 'LOTFWW' site.


The HMS Ajax ship community is hosted on the IWM 'Lives of the First World War' project website. Both of these resources provide links to individual 'Life Stories' with information that can be added by folk world wide, as long as evidence is provided


Currently, of the estimated 58,032 Royal Navy personnel at the Battle, the project has confirmed 34,432 names and identified a further 16,615 yet to be verified leaving 6,985 names, 12% of the total, yet to be found.


For HMS Ajax the crew list can be found here and of the 900 crew 551 names have been confirmed with a further 219 waiting confirmation leaving 130 unknown names that the project is working upon – quite a remarkable feat.

Newsletter December 2017